Seven reasons why the world is
paying attention to BenePit

1. Unique

BenePit is the world's first blockchain-based, rewards advertising platform that digitizes phone user records.
The mobile advertising services so far have been designed and developed based on web-based data, such as subscription information and search history of smartphone users. However, in the course of such evolution, no one has paid attention to the voice call record, which is the basic function of the phone and still occupies a high proportion. BenePit is the world's first pay-as-you-go platform service that digitizes users' call logs as well as web-based data. We will be the first global platform to find the hubs that advertisers pay attention to in the world's call record network and apply the Big Data Analysis technique to deliver the most effective advertising.

2. Verified

BenePit's services have been developed and verified in the Korean market, and it is the reverse ICO that prepares to advance into the global market.
BenePit's platform has completed its first development and has been successfully tested in Korea, the most advanced technology hub. The completed platform has achieved a CTR of 12.2% and a retention rate of 25%, which are far superior to those of existing operators. This is just the beginning. Based on the funds we have acquired through ICO, we will try to expand into global services and we will have enough data to grow into a global service platform with the largest number of users in a short period of time.

3. Innovative

BenePit has leveraged the blockchain to innovate the existing advertising platform market.
Every year, the mobile advertising market is growing rapidly, growing by more than 30%. But behind this growth, there is a darker side of increased advertising costs and lower ROI. Also, many advertisers in this situation doubt the platform's ad spend data. BenePit intends to innovate this problem through block-chain technology.

4. Broad

BenePit is easy to use for everyone and the speed of service spread is fast.
BenePit is the first service that installs only an app and rewards you with a simple phone call. Even if you do not call through the app, we reward you for both your phone history and your ad watch. It has already been proven to have great retention (retention) and high CTR (click-through-rate) compared to any app because it’s easy to use, regardless of gender .

5. Effective

BenePit’s advertising products are professional and have a higher ROI than any competitive platform.
BenePit’s services are designed and developed by App Professional Development Group, Multinational Online Advertising Expert Group and Big Data Expert. So, we understand both customers and advertisers. Designed with consumer-centered services and advertiser-oriented advertising managers, Arrow Marketing will deliver outstanding business results as well as satisfaction to our business. In addition, it is more sophisticated than any existing global advertising platform, and low ad rates can be applied to achieve high return on investment (ROI).

6. Passionate

We will never get tired. We have developed BenePit and we will continue to do so.
BenePit Services has been developed for over 10 years with a cost of six years. We will never give up our service and continue to develop it. We have strategically set the stage from development to market validation and service expansion, and have overcome adversity. We will invest generously in expanding our proven services through the funds raised through ICO. We will honestly and sincerely innovate our consumer-centric blockchain-based advertising platform.

7. Valuable

BenePit’s Coin range is extensive. Our tokens will have a high value.
Global Cryptography Investment Cracking has transformed cryptography into a mere means of investment and speculation. Our tokens are designed to take into account real consumption in everyday life. Our tokens are utility tokens that can be used as a core service of our platform and converted into points in everyday life. In addition, we strategically embed 20% of our platform revenue, leading to a virtuous cycle, leading to increased token value in the marketplace. The BenePit token BNP will be the most successful platform token in the world.